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General Park information
  • Are there any COVID measures at your resorts?

    No, there are no more measures at our resorts(this applies to all countries). If this changes, we will ensure that the information on our website is adjusted as soon as possible.

  • Are face masks mandatory when visiting the parks?

    The Netherlands
    In The Netherlands, wearing a face mask is not required.

    Wearing a face mask is not required in Belgium.
    In Germany, wearing a face mask is required in public transport and in medical fields.

    In Austria there is a general FFP2 mask requirement in public transport and in essential shops (such as supermarkets and pharmacy), in public indoor areas.

    It is not necessary to wear a face mask. Only at the airport are these required.

    Face masks are required in public transportation, supermarkets, stores, and hospitals. In places where this is not possible, it is also advised to keep your distance.

    Czech Republic
    In the Czech Republic, wearing a face mask is required in public transportation.


  • Are the parks open?

    The opening of parks might differ based on local corona measures. Please check the most up to date information in the FAQ category "Situation per country". The health of our guests and employees is of primary importance. We follow the guidelines of the local authorities in each country. This means that we will temporarily close the facilities in our parks if needed.

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