Sports and games

There is plenty of opportunity for active play outside at Landal Orveltermarke. Swing with the zip wire on Adventure Island, experience nature close up on the Venuverpad path, or kick a ball around on the multi-sport playing field. There are also plenty of organised activities which cater for everyone.

Everything at a glance

New: The Orveltermarke Technical Trail

The Orveltermarke Technical Trail is a continuous circuit of approx. 1 km with bumps, bends and other technical challenges. You can see it as a mixture between a BMX track and an MTB track. This makes it suitable for cross bikes (BMX), mountain bikes and in dry weather even the popular stunt scooters. A total body workout in which not only your leg- or arm muscles, but various muscle groups in your body, are healthy and active. And via the Strava App you can compete for the fastest time on the Orveltermarke Technical Trail. 

Adventure Island, full of pleasure

What could be more fun than being sporty and active outdoors with the whole family? Whether you fancy building your own boat, lifting tree trunks, want to learn knots like a real scout, or would rather bake bread by the campfire - it's all possible on Adventure Island. You can enjoy yourself to your heart's desire on Adventure Island. Experience the adventure!
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Take up the challenge

Play a game of table football, charge around in the playground and jump on the air trampoline, or kick a ball on the multi-sport playing field. Enjoy a nice afternoon of mini-golf with the entire family. Once the mini-golf champion has been decided, just flop down together on the sofa in your bungalow and make plans for the next day.


Discover your golf talent on the 18-hole Pitch & Putt golf course next to the park. The distances between the holes on this course are quite a bit shorter, which makes the game enjoyable for everyone. Nice if you want to show off your golf skills to the rest of your family, but also good if you don't have much golfing experience.

You don't require a GVB golf licence to play at Pitch & Putt Golf Orvelte. Instruction and rental of clubs and balls are included in the price. For more information, please see the website or visit the reception.

At Pitch&Putt Golf Orveltermarke visitors can also play a fun round of footgolf.

Please note: as a Landal guest you will receive a special promotion when you play Pitch&Putt. Curious about the offer? Ask our staff members for more information.