Hiking and cycling

After a lavish breakfast, you are ready for a new day in the fresh outdoor air. Put on your walking boots or get on your bicycle. Landal Orveltermarke is surrounded by endless kilometres of nature. Explore the surrounding area and discover the green countryside with one of the many walking or cycling routes.

New: The Orveltermarke Technical Trail

The Orveltermarke Technical Trail is a continuous circuit of approx. 1 km with bumps, bends and other technical challenges. You can see it as a mixture between a BMX track and an MTB track. This makes it suitable for cross bikes (BMX), mountain bikes and in dry weather even the popular stunt scooters. A total body workout in which not only your leg- or arm muscles, but various muscle groups in your body, are healthy and active. And via the Strava App you can compete for the fastest time on the Orveltermarke Technical Trail. 

Col du VAM (11 km from the park)

Would you like to test your climbing skills? Do it on the VAM mountain, a climbing hill for every sporty cyclist. The cycle track on the Col du VAM consists of three climbing routes and one descent. The routes are a total of 2100 m long and have an average gradient of 10%. On the northernmost route, at the end of the route, there is a boulder strip of 150 metres with a gradient of no less than 15%.

Explore the natural beauty of Drenthe

The surroundings of the park offer endless options. From your bungalow, you can walk straight into nature, cycle on the moors, or head for the city. Set off together or with the whole family and enjoy the beautiful Drenthe highlands. Feel free to drop by at the park reception for additional information or tips!

Tip: rent a bicycle

Ready to explore nature? You don't have to bring your own bicycle. At the park, you can rent ladies', men's and children's bicycles as well as child seats, E-bikes*, mountain bikes, tandems, cabbies, child carts and tricycles. The children will enjoy themselves on the go-karts.
*E-bikes are rented from Easter till the autumn holiday. 


With a picnic hamper on the back of your bicycle, you can follow one of the many cycling routes. A nice children's route for the entire family or plan your bicycle trip using the cycling route network. You can make your route as long or as short as you wish. Hike in the countryside or cycle to Assen to go shopping! Looking for more adventure? The area also has various mountain bike routes.


Would you rather explore on foot? The park is located close to the forestries of Sleenerzand, Schoonloo and Gees. But also near Drentsche Aa National Park. Put on your walking boots and explore the endless fields of heather.

After an active day, enjoy culinary delights at Restaurant Zin, take a freshly prepared pizza in the supermarket or have a wonderful gourmet grilling evening.