Mobile homes

Would you still like to have access to your own shower when camping? Specifically for campers still preferring some comfort, the campsites offer a fantastic alternative: mobile homes. You will find mobile homes at nearly all campsites. Always at a beautiful place in the middle of nature.

Extraordinary holiday

Some holidays or weekends away require a special touch. Would you like to wake up on the beach, fancy luxury camping in a safari tent or are you looking for peace, space and nature? Discover what Landal GreenParks can offer you. Are you ready to make beautiful new memories in our special accommodation?

Children's accommodations

Specific to our youngest guests. Sleeping in our children's accommodation will make your stay even better for you and your children. This accommodation is provided with all mod cons and is fully focussed on the play fun of your children. Choose for a comfortable stay in a children's bungalow or for some extra luxury in a children's bungalow plus. Have an unforgettable holiday.
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Tree house

Sleeping three metres high in the trees in a special type of accommodation. Waking up refreshed and hear the birds sing, whilst the squirrels rustle through the leaves on the ground. It is possible at Landal Miggelenberg. This nostalgic tree house is tastefully furnished and provided with all mod cons. This is high living enjoyment.
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Together on holiday

A romantic stay or just a nice time getting away from it all? Whether you opt for budget or for luxury, at Landal GreenParks you will find a wide range on offer in 2-person accommodations for a lovely stay. A week, weekend or midweek of pure enjoyment with each other in beautiful surroundings.

Wood lodges

Experience the freedom of camping in combination with the luxury of a kitchen unit, bathroom and toilet. This is possible with the new wood lodges! Through its unique location, this timber accommodation gives you the feeling of being at one with nature. You can find wood lodges at Landal Warsberg and Landal Wirfttal.

Comfortable apartments

Want to enjoy that cosy feeling of home and some extra luxury? Then stay in one of our apartments. An advantage is that in most cases, the apartments are centrally located in the park and close to the main building. There is always something to do in the park, but you can also retreat to your balcony or roof terrace to enjoy the great view.

Ranger House

The charm of the new, spacious holiday home in Landal Hochwald will strike you from the moment you set your foot in the door: a natural building style with plenty of wooden elements and ample space turn this house into something special. Feel the proximity to the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park in every nook of this cosy holiday cottage.
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Dog's bungalow

Going on holiday together and the dog can come along too! Finding a holiday destination which permits your faithful friend is not easy. Your dog is welcome at almost all our parks. At Landal Twenhaarsveld, Landal Salztal Paradies, Landal WirfttalLandal Hochwald and Landal Orverltermarke, there are even special dog's bungalows with extra facilities for dogs and their master.

Luxury, stylish and ecological

Environmentally friendly, modern and provided with the latest ecological technology. On Landal Aelderholt in Drenthe there is an 8-person Eco bungalow. This special bungalow is made totally from reusable materials. With a large amount of 3-layer glass on the south-side, good use is made of the natural warmth. The other energy comes from solar panels. But above all, this bungalow is very modern and luxurious.
8-persons Eco-bungalow

Sea view

Stay on the beach and wake up to the sound of the sea. This is possible in the beach house for 4 to 6 persons on Landal Strandhuisjes Julianadorp and Landal Beach Villas Hoek van Holland. Modern, cosy and with a fantastic view of the sea. Enjoy the sunset from you own terrace and early the next day take a dip in the sea all by yourself.

On safari

Going on safari on the Veluwe, that is enjoyment for the whole family. Camping in comfort in the middle of nature. 6-person safari tents are waiting for you at Landal Coldenhove, Landal Rabbit Hill and Landal Warsberg. Experience outdoor living to the max, whilst you will not be wanting for anything inside. Enjoy a glass of wine on your wooden veranda. And if it becomes chilly at night? Snuggle up on the sofa around the gas heater.
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Nostalgic forester's chalet

At Landal Coldenhove, in the pine and broad leaf woods near Eerbeek, you can find a very special type of accommodation; a proper forester's chalet. This nostalgic chalet has been romantically furnished and is located on the edge of the park, on the top of a hill. At this sheltered location, you can really savour the peace of the wood.
Wooden forester's chalet


Taking your pet on holiday or not? Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs; pets are welcome at almost all parks. Or are you actually looking for pet-free accommodation or a pet-free park? If so, you have also come to the right place at Landal GreenParks.

Smoke-free holiday

If your life is smoke-free, your holiday should be as well. That is why there are smoke-free bungalows available and all children's bungalows are smoke-free. Or stay at a smoke-free park. Choose a carefree and smoke-free holiday and indicate your preference when booking.
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